Attraction Information

Mrigadayavan Palace Cha Am

Mrigadayavan Palace can be translated as The Palace of Love and Hope. Completed in 1924, this summer palace was built by King Rama VI as a summer getaway.

It is located on Bang Kra beach between Cha Am and Hua Hin. It is confusingly also referred to as the Phra Ratchaniwet Marukhathayawan Palace.
The Mrigadayavan Palace summer palace of King Rama VI is steeped in history and is an impressively imposing site, glowing amidst the sands on the beach. The one and two-storey buildings are constructed of prime golden teak and interlinked by covered boardwalks, all raised high above the ground on stilts.

Along with the high, tiled roofs and tall, shuttered windows, this Thai-Victorian design allowed them to catch the breeze from all directions.

The palace is divided into 3 usage areas. The first as you enter is the audience hall for business and entertainment, then you enter the men's quarters, including the King's personal rooms, and finally the ladies quarters. Two very long corridors lead off from the main building to two beach pavilions, one for the King and one for the ladies.

Important Information

Dress restrictions apply - so no shorts, short skirts or totally sleeveless T-shirts are allowed. Sarongs and T-shirts are available for those who turn up wearing any of the above just before you enter the building. Also no shoes are allowed to be worn, but you are given a bag to carry them around with you, so you can put them on again when exiting the building at the other end.

The Palace is closed on Wednesdays.