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Phra Ramrajnivet Palace Petchaburi

Phra Ramrajnivet Palace or Ban Puen Palace was built by King Rama V in European style at Ban Puen village by the Phetchaburi river in 1910 to be his retreat in the rainy season.

It was a model of the summer palace of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, built in a mixture of Baroque and Art Nouveau style.
Originally called "Wang Ban Pun", the palace is situated to the south of the town.

The construction began in 1909 at the command of King Rama V to be his rainy season palace.

A German architect, Mr. Karl Deurring designed the palace, while Admiral HRH Prince Boriphat of Nakhonsawan and HRH Prince Damrong supervised the construction.

The construction was completed in 1916 in the reign of King Rama VI.

The palace was used to welcome and accommodate state visitors during the reign of King Rama VI.

Nowadays, the palace is on the grounds of the local Army Base, and there are restrictions regarding entry because of this.

The trees in front of the palace are remarkable and worth having a wander through, just so you can find where the roots begin and end!