Attraction Information

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park is 550 sq. km. of deciduous forest with high mountains and valleys, located in Kanchanaburi Province. The mountains protect the park from the eastern monsoon. Its major attraction is the Erawan Falls, a magnificent seven-tiered waterfall which you can climb if you feel inclined.
Erawan National Park is in the Tenasserim Mountain Range and is one of the finest natural attractions in the country. The park is best known for its seven-tiered waterfall topped by a rock formation shaped like a three-headed elephant. From its crest, clear water tumbles 1,500 meters down steep-sided cliffs in a series of cascades to rock pools shaded by dense foliage.

The park is open all year although the Rainy Season from May to October is not the best time to visit as there are frequent storms throughout that period. The Cool Season runs from November to January and this is a much more pleasant time to visit. February to April is the Hot Season and temperatures get quite high, but you have the pools at each level to cool off in!

The park contains five different wildlife habitats for mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and freshwater fauna. There are elephants, tigers, sambar deer, wild boar, white-handed gibbon, langur, Siamese hare, red flying squirrels and king cobras to be found in the park.