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Fireflies in Ampawa

The night-time boat trip on the Mae Klong River provides the opportunity to enter the enchanting world of the fireflies as they swarm in the Lampu trees along the river bank.

It's an unbelievable sight as entire trees are aglow with flashing yellow lights. Thailand has over 100 species of firefly.
The firefly is an insect which is particularly known for its characteristic luminescence. It has special abdominal organs, which cause a chemical reaction with the organic synthesis of an enzyme called luciferasi.

The fireflies at Ampawa are unique in that they flash synchronously with each other. Fireflies use the flashing light to find and communicate with potential mates.

While most North American firefly species are rovers, twinkling in the characteristic patterns of their species as they fly, Ampawa's fireflies flash in unison creating a spectacular communal display for their mates, akin to a Christmas tree all alight.

Males of the Pteroptyx genus congregate in the lampu trees near water and flash rhythmically for several hours per night. In cycles lasting several seconds, "firefly trees" appear at first completely dark until all of the constituent fireflies light up simultaneously. Often, the same tree acts as a locus for such congregations for several nights consecutively. This is unforgettable.