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Thai Massage

Thailand has a doubtful reputation regarding its liberal interpretation of a 'massage', but a genuine Thai massage is one of the must-do aspects of your visit here.

Traditional Thai Massage, which is based on a holistic vision of health, uses a variety of techniques including yoga and meditation.
Traditional Thai Massage is characterised by three main elements:

First, stretching exercises for dynamic and fluid, in a back and forth continuous rhythm, these exercises are generally based on yoga postures, but no prior knowledge of this discipline is required.

Secondly, the Thai massage has an energy at work, which is to perform exercises, massage and put pressure on specific regions or specific points along the energy lines of the body, which are similar to acupuncture meridians. The therapist exerts pressure with the palms, finger, arms, forearms, elbows and feet.

Thirdly, each massage is conducted with an attitude of meditation and contemplation. Accordingly, manipulation, stretching exercises and special attention to breathing promote blood circulation, help to relieve muscle tension and energy blockages and restore the body flexibility and mobility.

The effect of a relaxing Thai massage soothes the mind and induces a state of general well-being, both physical and spiritual.