Attraction Information

Sai Yok Waterfall

There are two waterfalls bearing the 'Sai Yok' name. One is bigger than the other and the biggest one - Sai Yok Yai - is inside the Sai Yok National Park.

The smaller one - Sai Yok Noi - is 40 kilometres away and is very close to the terminal station for the railway line at Nam Tok Sai yok Noi.
Sai Yok waterfall is on the way to the Tiger Temple and Hellfire Pass. The original track of the Death Railway ran through here and there is still an engine from one of the trains in the jungle, which makes for great pics.

The best time to visit Sai Yok is during the rainy season from July to October because there's lots of water and the falls are at their most impressive.

This is a very popular picnic spot for Thai families, so if you go on the weekend don't be surprised by the number of people who are there enjoying a day out.

During the week however, you'll likely have the place to yourselves.

It's a great place for swimming so don't forget to take your swimming gear. Thai people, of course, just swim in their clothes!

Sai Yok Noi waterfall is also known as Khao Phang Waterfall.