Attraction Information

Wang Wiwekaram Temple

Situated away from the district about 3 km sanctuary Sangkhlaburi River On beautiful marble Buddha image and is Hmpornrnr of "Oueeama father," the monk known that people of Thailand, the Mon and Karen and Burmese living in the area respect the temple area. Wang Wiwekaram further 1 km
Whatsoever from the district about 6 miles Sangkhlaburi Hmpornrn???r a measure of "Oueeama father," which is respectful of the people of Thailand, the Mon and Karen people and Burma, who live in the area. Within the sanctuary is located along the river Buddha image marble beautiful village called father, white Wat Wang Wiwekaram separated again for about 1 km is home to the pagoda a Bodh Gaya look base is square container. Bone relics of the right thumb. The size of rice grain. Near the pagoda are several shops in Burma, Myanmar, shop scrap cloth flour woodwork.

During the month of February every year. A birthday event Oueeama father. In various activities. Include religious ceremonies. Boxing competition expected to rope Performance of the dance club culture, such as a Mon dance of Karen Tong. And people will be united in costume as a culture of Thai and Mon. Prepare to pack food, tuna presented on the head monk at the temple.