Tours to the Tiger Temple's Classic Afternoon

In the afternoon the Tiger Temple is open to the public providing a close-up look at tigers of all ages. First the younger tigers will be brought out & this makes for great photo ops. Later the older tigers are led down into the canyon for their afternoon swim & rest. Special pics are taken here.

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Hellfire Pass & The Tiger Exclusive program (Code:1504)

Hellfire Pass was one of the most difficult sections of the Thailand/Burma railway line. You can walk from the museum down into the cutting itself for a moment of quiet contemplation. After lunch you'll go to the Tiger Temple for a close-up experience with tiger cubs & adult tigers. More...
Price for Two: 11,000 Thai Baht
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Provincial Thailand Four Day Tour (Code:4102)

If you have been to Bangkok before and now you want to see something different, then this tour is perfect for you. It provides a more relaxed look at some of Bangkok's neighbouring provinces and includes a high standard of accommodation not normally associated with this kind of tour. More...
Price for Two: 87,000 Thai Baht
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